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Do you have C.L.A.P?

Pacific NW C.L.A.P (Christmas Light Addiction Program)

CLAP 2023 was on May 6th! 

Location: Thurston County Fairgrounds - Expo Center!

Check out the Sponsor Showcase

Check out these awesome Door Prizes!
We look forward to next year!


Please join us for a full day of Christmas decorating
ideas, fellowship, swap meet and food!


Friday May 5th

6pm Pizza Dirty Dave's map

Saturday May 6th

Download Mark's agenda slide show

8am - Setup, coffee, donuts
8:30am - Introductions - Your elevator speech

Noonish - Lunch (included with registration)
Door Prizes - All day long

7pm - done

7-8pm clean up and pack out


Builder's Showcase - bring your favorite built prop
Controller Build - David Peace
Twisting Convention and Stretching Your Dollar Wit
h Video - Gary Palaniuk
Push Button Stand, for your show and on the go! - Thomas Miles
Is a Mega Tree in your future? - Lorne Counter

XLights Speed Sequencing - Ron Howard



Thurston County Fairgrounds
Expo Center

Driving MAP

Site Map & Parking

Parking will be behind the Expo building in the open field. CLAP entrance in the front of the Expo building (green arrow). Swap Meet items can be unloaded and placed under the covered patio in back of the Expo building (yellow arrow). 

Can you make it?
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